Programs Reviews

This page is essentially for reviewing some of the latest programs that invaded the network market with their tempting offers.
Most of them look nice and motivating …are they real business or real SCAM.


This is an easy income earn site .It only asks for promoting its URL anywhere and give $1 for anyone clicking that link. It was created late 2016 .
minimum cashout $100 .well after trying the program and making a thorough research it turned out to be a real SCAM.
you reach the cashout limit and you will never get your money .You will never get an answer to your questions or letters.

It seems they are using the site as a cover up for some advertisement which benefits only the advertiser no more no r less.

DO NOT try it .and warn anyone who thinks it’s a good opportunity.

Instead for those who would like to earn money online , look for anything that is under your control.It should be logic ,feasible and makes sense.

Go for affiliate marketing with well-known sites which at least guarantees your payment or refund. always look for refund and guarantee policies.

Before trying any unkown program google it for scam. If you are interested in a real earning program where transparency is 100% and its system is clear

try these ones if you want:


Charity Plan

There is no room to doubt here because it is giving and taking. If you are honest and integer this will give you all .

It’s based on direct deal with the other parties …no middleman.


TURNS $18 INTO OVER $500,000?

This is a guaranteed income earning program .and it does not require much money or much effort.except getting few people with you , real workers.


“ is a job and online part time working website, where you can create your account and work with us with the provided tasks in your account after creating your account and you will be paid for your work, there is no fix time for job, you can work in any hours of the day and from any country. You will be paid for your tasks on their completion via cheque or many other payments methods like bank transfers etc. To start your job register your account.
We guarantee you that you will earn 1500$ in your first week by simple task of 5 – 10 minute”

This is the introduction of the program .It also gives you $25 at the sign up stage .the cashout policy is at $300 which you easily reach when it comes to paying….problems will receive the usual method ” comple offers before we activate your payment” and of course it’s an endless process .you never get it activated and you keep buying offers and wasting your money. COMPLETE SCAM . take care

3: Autobitcoinbuilder:

This is a btc program .it gives you profit every hour on your deposit.They also give you 10% for your direct referrals . All this is nice. However when it comes to withdraw your profits they keep your amount pending endlessly . Besides you will never find any name or address for the site owner .You simply have a contact us form which leads nowhere as no one will ever respond to your tickets.This is definitely a scam site.
This is an example of ever pending withdrawal.

No need to sign up .simply enter your bitcoin wallet address and it starts mining .You can withdraw when your balance reaches 0.005 btc .But did anybody withdraw anything. Well I applied to withdraw twice and my withdrawal remains pending for ever.I did again and still pending till this moment .A real scam .no withdrawal ever.cheating people and wasting their time and focus.Giving false expectation.
see proof of what I say:

Instead IF YOU WANT A REAL SITE THAT GIVES BTC AND REAL WITHDRAWAL (though it takes time to get big amounts) see this site: review:

Here you have to click ads and gain mbtc .You can withdraw when you reach 0.001 mbtc . and The withdrawal takes very little time from half an hour to 24 hours but it is guaranteed .I tried it .I am still in it .I withdrew 3 times.


This is a new list of not paying sites please if anyone has a different idea with proofs of the contrary send your proofs on teh site’s email