Review- WPvideomachine- Converting Your Blog Posts into Videos in just 1-Click

Writing blog posts is a great thing . and getting traffic for these posts is even greater but the best of all is to get a big rate of conversion to your posts offers. Here comes the value of a video ad. Videos are an unbelievable boost to conversion . WP Video Machine is the key to all this.

Introducing WP Video Machine :

Here’s what you do with it…

“Take your website content, turn it into a video and put it on Youtube, add the right title, description, links to your website and SEO tags, it will start ranking soon and get you traffic plus valuable backlinks to your site and help your site rank higher.”

WP Video Machine

ONE CLICK Software Turns Your Blog Posts into a TALKING VIDEO Complete with Images, Music, Text & Voiceover + Publishes it on Youtube for You Automatically.

Attention: Want to Double Your Website Traffic & Rankings?

Brand New WordPress Plugin Gets You


 By Converting Your Blog Posts into Videos in just 1-Click

Without Any Complicated Video Software or Manual Work.Get Instant Access to WP Video Machine

Finally – Here’s The EASIEST WAY For Anyone to


Without Any Manual Work…

WP Video Machine

ONE CLICK Software Turns Your Blog Posts into a TALKING VIDEO Complete with Images, Music, Text & Voiceover + Publishes it on Youtube for You Automatically.

Make More Money

100% Newbie-Friendly

Fully Automated

100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple to Launch!

WP Video Machine makes creating Videos 

From Your Content as EASY as 1-2-3…

Top Marketers Are EXCITED to Use This

They Love How Simple & Easy This Makes Getting FREE Traffic & Backlinks…Get Instant Access to WP Video Machine

In normal work you have to do all the coming steps to promote your contents:

Step 1 – Go to your website and pick one article…

​Step 2 – Copy & paste it into a video maker software.

​Step 3 – Arrange all the content, put in all the images (get some more images) and add music.

​Step 4 – Now record a voice over that goes with the website content, read it out loud.

​Step 5 – Match the audio with the text and video images.

​Step 6 – Export the video and upload it to Youtube.

​Step 7 – Add all the right SEO tags, title, description & links to your site.


Step 1

Add the Video Machine Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Step 2

Select The Blog Post From Your Site That You Want to Turn into a Video…

Step 3

Just Press ONE BUTTON. Your Video Gets Created in Minutes & Uploaded to Youtube Automatically.Get Instant Access to WP Video Machine

Imagine being able to create videos quickly without any hard work.

No more having to spend money on expensive video software ever again.

One Click Video Maker – Just Upload The Plugin to Your Site & Turn Your Content into VIDEOS.

We’ve designed this in such a way that creating your video is easy and quick. We have the 1-Click Mode that lets you turn any blog post into a Video in just a single click. All default settings for voice, music, graphics and animation help you get it done.

Create Multiple Videos from Your Site Content & Earn Commissions Easily…

We want you to make as much money as possible with Video Machine and that is why we made it so you can create affiliate review videos and earn commissions from multiple networks like JVZOO, WarriorPlus and ClickBank. All you have to do is add your affiliate link to the video & the rest is done.

Having videos on your blog makes Google love your site more as it makes the site more fully loaded and thats why once your new video is created, the software can add it back to your blog post and help your site get higher rankings.

Automatically Adds Your New Video to Your Blog Post – Google Loves Videos on Your Site = Higher Rankings.

Fully WordPress Based – Nothing to Install on Your Computer

With over 25% of the internet websites running on WordPress, your blog is probably WP too and that makes it super simple to add this plugin to your site and start turning blog posts into videos in just minutes without installing anything extra.

Get VoiceOver in 9 Different Languages + Male & Female Voices

Having the right voice for your videos is very important, thats why we made sure your videos had a great Voice Over in not just English but also in UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian/Portugese and Japanese too.

Automatically Uploads Video to Youtube – No Manual Work.

The Video Machine plugin has built in Youtube integration that makes it directly upload your newly created videos to Youtube with the right title and description PLUS a backlink back to your site as soon as its created.

Automatically Adds SEO Tags, Title & Description to Video for Rankings.

Having the right Title, Description and SEO Tags is the most important thing when it comes to ranking your videos for the right keywords and this software does it all.

Automatically Adds a Link Back to Your Site = HUGE SEO Value.

SEO is important for traffic and that is why we made sure you always get a link back from the Big Authority Site that is and that will bring a lot of Google love for you.

Positive sides:

Saves time

saves effort


Negative sides:

Not mentioned by people’s reviews so far.

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