WP Freshstart 5 Review – Create Fully Loaded WordPress Sites in 60 seconds.

Have you tried setting up a new WordPress site?

I know what you are thinking cause it is, in fact, the most tedious work to do. It takes so much of your time that you can’t attend to your other tasks anymore.

Think about it.

You probably have 10-15 sites on hand. Imagine spending an hour for each site just to make sure they’re all properly set-up. It is, indeed, time consuming if you think about it.

No more wasting time.

The solution is here… Introducing WP Freshstart 5.0!

Your tedious and time consuming tasks that took an hour can easily be done in 2 minutes. That’s how powerful this software is.  Awesome, right?

See Here & Watch it in Action – HOW IT WORKS….

Here’s all the cool stuff this plugin can do for you and save time….

Main Features

– Simple 1-Click Plugin for WordPress Automation

– Does 30+ Tasks in just a few clicks…

— Delete default posts & pages instantly.

— Set Permalinks to SEO Friendly Post-Name

— Turn off Comment Notifications via email

— Create Must-Have pages + Legal Pages for your site.

— Create affiliate disclaimer pages for multiple sites.

— Create Categories & new posts/pages you want.

— Install multiple plugins you require…at once.

— Reset Your Entire site in 1-Click


— Create GDPR Ready pages and forms for your site.

— Monetise Sites with Affiliate links + Amazon offers.

— Install Recommended Plugins by Niche

— Insert Lorem Ipsum content into your posts/pages.

— Add dummy images into various parts of your site.

— Disable copying of site content & protect content.

— Block hotlinking of images from external sources.

— Create Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml for SEO

— Add Google Analytics & FB Pixel to your site instantly.

— Show under construction page & allow logged in users to view the site.

— Enable/Disable site indexing by search engines

— Set Blog Title / Tagline in 1-Click.

— Add copyright text + date at the bottom of all pages.

— Add EU Cookie notice to your site.

PRO Version Features

— Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

— Monetize sites with Clickbank, Jvzoo and other affiliate offers on complete autopilot – create passive income sites.

— Optimize your database / remove garbage data.

— Hide WP, don’t let anyone know you are running WP.

— Change logo on your WP login page.

— Increase site security, block spam.

— Rebrand WordPress, change admin menu options & selectively show plugins & access to users.

— Upload images to IMGUR instead of local storage.

— Lazy load images, make your site load faster.

— Automatically compress all your images.

— Add your branded watermark to all your images.

— Combine CSS/JS files and minimize them, load faster.

— Add Google Translate button for 1-click translation.

— Add Scroll to top button for across your site.

— Replace WP comments with FB comments, get traffic.

— Add FB/Twitter Metadata for social sharing.

— Add Social Sharing buttons floating on your site.

— One Click backup to Dropbox etc.

— Add Google Fonts to your site, get 600+ new fonts.

The Good Points…

  1. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this software
  2. This is super user friendly
  3. Save your precious time while building multiple sites.
  4. Responsive Technical Support
  5. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  6. Very affordably priced, you can get unlimited sites license for under 30 bucks.

Bad Points

  1. This is only for wordpress sites.
  2. You must have your own domain + hosting to install this, does not work on a free wordpress.com site.
  3. You are required to have good internet connection to maximize its functionality
  4. You should upgrade to the PRO version to get a lot more benefits.


If creating multiple wordpress sites is what you do, this is perfect.

You have the solution in front of you.

Grab it before it’s too late!

Download WP Freshstart 5.0 Today – CLICK HERE

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WP Zero Bounce Review – Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate and Increase Profits

Are you having trouble with your site’s SEO?

Do you know what is a bounce rate?

I know how super hard it is to get your visitors stuck in your website. Most of the marketers lose almost 40-60% of their visitors after visiting their websites. These people are just visiting a single page of their site and then go back to where they came form by clicking the back button.

If you are losing visitors just like this, you are definitely losing money as well. So, today what I’m about to show you will change everything.

Introducing WP Zero Bounce 2.0!

This is the perfect software that helps you prevent losing visitors. It will force your visitors to go to another page of your site or redirect them to anywhere you want. Awesome, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!



  1. Make More Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy when you let others do the selling for you. With ZERO BOUNCE you can automatically redirect people to places like Amazon.com using your affiliate link for easy sales!

  1. Make Money with Adsense for Search

Adsense for Search (AFS) is a program where you put a custom search engine on your site and get paid when a person clicks on a result. Use ZERO BOUNCE to redirect “lost” traffic here and get paid every time they use the AFS search engine!

  1. Get a Major SEO Boost

Thanks to Google’s latest updates bounce rate is now a MAJOR factor when it comes to ranking websites. By virtually eliminating your bounce rate ZERO BOUNCE gives you a HUGE boost to your ranking power so you can get more laser-targeted, buyer-ready organic traffic!

  1. Build an Ultra Profitable List

People ignoring the opt-in form on your site? Redirect them to a squeeze page for more conversions and signups!

  1. Get Increased Sales

Instead of allowing 50% to 70% of your hard earned traffic leave without spending a dime, redirect them to coupons, discounts, and other offers to ensure that you’re making as many sales as possible!

  1. Get Lower CPC with Adwords

If your landing page has a low Quality Score (and it will if you have a high bounce rate) expect to pay an arm and a leg for clicks on your ad. With ZERO BOUNCE your virtually nonexistent bounce rate will help you get lower CPCs for your ads! Money saved is money earned!

  1. Improve Conversions with Site Networking

Have multiple sites in the same niche? Use ZERO BOUNCE to link them all together. Or redirect “lost” traffic to a page that lists all of your sites so that visitors remain in your network. Sky-rocket your conversions with ease!

  1. Get Quality Feedback and Fully Optimize Your Site

Getting feedback for your site can be tough. People who had issues with it are probably long gone. With ZERO BOUNCE you can redirect those who click off your site to a survey allowing you to collect relevant data so that you can improve your site for maximum conversions!

  1. Get Creative

With ZERO BOUNCE the possibilities are endless! Get creative and redirect your “lost” traffic wherever you want.

Download WP ZeroBounce 2.0 – Click here

How Does It Work?

This is super easy as ABC. Just follow the easy steps on this video:


Good Points

  1. Save more visitors from leaving your site and monetize them
  2. Get automatic updates for free
  3. Responsive technical support
  4. Awesome bonuses are includedWPZeroBounce

Bad Points

  1. For WordPress users only
  2. Need to have stable internet connection
  3. Need to contact support desk if you have questions


Worry no more about your bounce rate. You are one click away in solving it. Gain more sales like you’ve never had before. GET Your copy of WP Zero Bounce 2.0 now!

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VidEngage Review – Engage Your Visitors More with Effective Videos

Let’s face the fact that it is one of the biggest challenges in the world of internet marketing. I’m talking about keeping your viewers engaged throughout your entire sales video.

Study says 95% that most of your visitors spend only few seconds at your video and then immediately scroll down. And if you are losing 95% of your traffic, we cannot take away the fact of losing sales and more importantly money as well.

See! That is a real problem right there. But that ends today.

Introducing VidEngage!

It is a powerful software to get more engagement to your videos. It automatically stick your video into your viewer’s screen everytime they scroll down. And what’s amazing is that call to action link is always included. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!




VidEngage is the only software of its kind that will let you add highly attractive and engaging video popups that stick to a corner of your page and keep your audience engaged throughout the course of your pitch.


Our powerful software lets you select where you want the video to appear when the user scrolls down and you can test it to see which one does better for you. You can even select how big or small you want the video to be.


One of the major reasons why VidEngage increases your sales and results is because it can add a customized call to action button that you can show above or below the video when It floats upon scrolling – you can select from 100s of Google Fonts and any color you want.


We’ll normally only have limited site options after this special launch but as of now – you can pick the option to use VidEngage on unlimited sites – we may never have this option again so if you’re thinking about this, don’t. This is a stellar deal that may never come back again.


Once you generate the video code for your youtube or vimeo videos & add it to your sites, you can change the videos anytime you want, change the settings, position, call to action – almost every element from the central control dashboard and you will not have to replace any code on any of your sites. It will automatically update without requiring any manual intervention from your end.


You’ll see below we have monthly options for you to pick up VidEngage. But the 3rd option is to get lifetime access to our amazing software. We will solely be offering monthly after a few weeks of running the special offer and when this is gone, the only option you will have is monthly. So pick up the LIFETIME ACCESS now and get locked in at the extremely low price today.

Download VidEngage now!

How Does It Work?

It is super easy to use. You don’t need technical skills. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 Create a Video Campaign by Adding Your Video Info.

Step 2 Select Where You Want the Video to Appear.

Step 3 Add a Call to Action button along with the video so visitors can take action.

Step 4 Select Your Video Size and Autoplay Option.

Step 5 Grab the Code VidEngage Generates and Put it on Your Site in the Place of the Main Video & BOOM, it’s Done!

OR check the demo video:

VidEngage FE Sales Video from Brad Stephens on Vimeo.

Good Points

  1. Gain more engagement
  2. Amazing bonuses included
  3. Responsive technical supportVidEngage-Testimonial

Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection to use
  2. Need to contact support desk for any question


Don’t lose anymore sales. Make your visitors more engaged. GET Your copy of VidEngage now!

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ALTERSTORES: The magical e-commerce business

ATTENTIONAffiliate Marketing Is The Easiest And The Most Guaranteed Way To Earn Consistently OnlineIn 60 Seconds – Create Fully Automated Authority Affiliate Stores Using Hot Selling Products From Amazon, Ebay, Walmart & Best Buy… Plus Get Free Traffic Automatically to Your Stores For 24/7 Buyers!I’ve Made Over $2302 In ONE Week With This Software

No Shopify | No WooCommerce | No Website Registration Or Hosting | 100% Cloud BasedHere’s How It Works…


WITHOUT Any Monthly Recurring Fees Or Other Big Investments/Expenses

  • Save time and money – Create your own profit-pulling stores in a few minutes. No more wasting hours setting up complicated stores with Shopify
  • Never spend a single dime on paid traffic EVER again with our automated FB and Twitter integration
  • Run your Profitable store from your mobile device anywhere anytime & Never spend a dime on hosting fees again
  • Maximize your profit by selling only HOT products with a single click right inside our app
  • Easily sell a ton of products using Our high converting & super flexible pages that help for better conversion to help you build a super profitable store in no time
  • Overtake the competition with our INSTANT product import from giants like Amazon, EBay, Walmart and Best Buy in 3Simple Steps
  • Cancel all your expensive ecom software subscriptions and use our exclusive, powerful and intuitive features only available for the first time ever.
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER: Super Low One-Time Fee During This Special Launch Only


Join Other Happy Users Who Already Use AlterStoresTO MAKE HUNDREDS OF SALES EACH DAY!

ONLY Expensive Monthly Recurring Subscription  Stores Offered These EXCLUSIVE FEATURES UNTIL NOW…

Price Drop Availability Email Notification SystemIf a product is too expensive for your visitors, they can in1-click subscribe to your email list, and get notified when the price has dropped by a certain percent or when a certain discount they chose is reached.
Plus, if the product was out of stock you can send email alerts when it comes back in stock, too!
This email notification technology can help build a list you can remarket to over and over, giving users a reason to give you their email. And guess what? You can fully customize each email with pro templatesPrice Comparison TechnologyVisitors can quickly check the price of each product on other ecommerce stores, without ever leaving your store. They check via the search box & a listing will appear next to the original product you’ve imported.Automatically give visitors the best deal so they always buy from you, nobody else.

Social SyndicationPrice Drop TechnologyWith AlterStores, the traffic is built in. Not only can you autopost to Facebook and Twitter when you import a new product, but in a world’s first, you can autopost to Facebook and Twitter when the price drops for that product or when it’s back in stock and available to buy.Custom Domain MappingWant to use your own domain name? We got you covered! Just point your domain name to our nameservers and your store is online!

Search AutologgerYou don’t sell what people doesn’t want. With this feature, Store owners can see on the go what site visitors are searching on their website and import such products immediately. It will also record their ip, location, date of search etc.Advanced Customizationand ControlWorks seamlessly with our inbuilt bundle of 8 themes, so it’s ultra flexible to help your business stand out and get traffic, Customize the product title, description and meta-info to make each listing 100% unique and rankable.In-built themes and Flexible Customization

Live SearchLive search is to ensure AlterStores users don’t miss any potential sale, customers can perform a live search that enable visitors to search the database of these affiliate stores on the go so that if a particular product haven’t been imported into the store they can still buy it directly from the affiliates store and owners earn commissionsCustomer Wishlist PortalAllow users to sort by discount or relevance, then create a ‘Wishlist’ account to add products to buy later. 10x your store ROI and earn repeat buyers and visitors with this groundbreaking feature.

And Even More Features Like

Video Content Engine

Video Content Engine Curate and auto-publish unlimited relevant product review videos with your AlterStores product underneath.

Custom InternalProduct Search

Allow buyers to search by discount, relevance, newest, and more.

Top selling products

Quickly search top selling products on (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Bestbuy) & import them to your store

Bulk Import

Import 1000’s of products in bulk and sit back while Auto Import Queue automatically imports all products along with price comparison from multiple ecom stores

Price Autoscaling

Unlike other stores, always have the most up-to-date price and discount.

Built in Analytics

Click Here To View Demo

Click Here To View Demo

Now, those who realized the potential of this massive opportunity being presented here (after havin’ watched the video and reading the points above that summarize the software beautifully) are already working their way through the dashboard…busy creating their first store that should start making them money in the next couple of hours.
They got a 4-minute head-start vis-a-vis you. But that’s ok. I want you to be 100% sure and happy when you decide to make this small one-time investment today.So, let’s keep goin’…You still haven’t decided to get access because of either of the following 2 reasons: 


Well, For Beginners, Take A Look At Some Of These Figures…

Now, you don’t need any more information to know that starting an ecommerce store is the wisest business decision you can make right now.
Yes – you’re a little late to the party…but what we got in store for you today will help you quickly recover the lost ground.
But before I reveal that…let me address the second reason why someone could still be reading here without hitting the “Get Access NOW” button above.


Ok. So, you burnt your hand once already…and are now cynical. I understand. You’re NOT alone. There are millions of people who saw the BIG opportunity but failed to get the results they had hoped for.
And yours truly is one of them. But I refused to doubt my intuition that this is indeed a MASSIVE opportunity. The numbers were there to back it up too.
I introspected and researched…spent countless number of hours reading about it and spoke to a lot of experts.
Then I realized where I (and most people like me) went wrong…REASON 2Here’s A List Of Classic PitfallsMOST MARKETERS (INCLUDING ME) FAILED TO SEE…

Not choosing the right ecommerce platform

Not knowing the exact products that prospects are desperately searching to buy online

Not giving prospects the option to bargain digitally so they can save up and get the best deal ever possible

Not devising a means to build list of store visitors in order to market to them again and again

Not making your store mobile-friendly

No analytics or even worst…Ignoring analytics

Not using social media to connect with customers

Choosing Platforms that do not focus on the user experience

Not enough personalization

Untrustworthy, Shabby-Looking And Non-Responsive Designs

Complex Navigation Through The Store

Faulty Pricing Of Products

Complex checkout processes

Sitting back and hoping customers magically find (and purchase from) your storeBut I Was Determined To Make This Work. I Was Determined To Not Give Up…Simply BecauseIT WAS TOO BIG AN OPPORTUNITY TO PASS UP“I knew if I could create an ecommerce platform WITHOUTthe normal issues that stop people making money…It would work!”Here’s What Happened Next…Vengeance Channelized Into Right DirectionSeeing the awesome opportunity this market offered – I quickly invested a stack of cash into new different software (and advised my students to do the same).
We tried nearly all the different software that promised fantastic results.

Kartrocket priced at $319/Mo

Shopify priced at$299/Mo

Big Commerce priced at$249/Mo

And when these tools did not deliver – I got really mad.

I decided to dump all these software systems and build a software back-up that would deal with ALL the pitfalls that a marketer could (and most certainly would) face. So, I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours and over $35k putting together a software back-up literally ANYONE can use to rapidly create truly profitable affiliate stores (with no experience or skills)
There were many sleepless nights.At times I was one emotional hair trigger away from packing the whole project in.
However, I kept all the pitfalls marketers normally face when building affiliate stores in mind…striking them all off one by one. And at last…my persistence paid.Here Are Mine (And My Students’) Recent Results:I am making a whopping $300,000+ per year in pure net profit from affiliate marketing only. Check out some of my stats in just one network

And before I decided to bring it out for my customers – I tested it one more time with my students.Take a look at their results:

Now, YOU too can get your hands on the same store building software…and create multiple income streams, sending money into yourbank account….EVERY MONTH.NOW WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… LET ME INTRODUCE

The Ultimate (100% Cloud Based) Authority Ecom Affiliate Store Builder$29 One Time Payment Click belowTo Get Instant Access NowHurry Up! Grab Your Copy Now…


JUST 3 SIMPLE STEPS…To A Profitable Affiliate Store

CREATELaunch your first authority store in a couple of clicks, full of hot selling products encoded with your unique affiliate IDs

ATTRACTGet store visitors with advanced ‘built-in’ traffic features and authority value status.

PROFITGive your visitors an awesome shopping experience that turns them into lifetime subscribers and buyersHere’s Exactly WhatYOU’LL GET INSIDEPART 1THE AlterStores SOFTWAREFirst, you’re getting access to the AlterStores software. Now quickly create authority affiliate stores loaded with hot selling products and cutting-edge features ‘all-in-one’ to pull the traffic and convert it hands-free.

PART 2 AlterStores AFFILIATE AUTHORITY SYSTEMThis multi-module HD video training program contains our biggest secrets for creating an affiliate business that makes passive income and works long term.
It’s packed with the latest tricks, shortcuts, and proven methods that most people will never know about.
Let me quickly open each of these boxes and show you “what’s-inside-the-box”…


Import Products From 4 Major Affiliate NetworksOne-click import the products you believe in or bulk import multiple products at once from Amazon, Bestbuy, eBay and Walmart, all encoded with your unique affiliate ID.
Crush your competitors by giving your visitors more choices and become an instant authority store in any niche.
Explode your Google traffic. The more products and content your stores have…the more you’ll show up in Google’s search results for buyer related keywords.Price Comparison EngineVisitors can quickly check the price of each product on other websites, without ever leaving your store. They check via the search box or a listing will appear next to the original product you’ve imported.
Automatically give visitors the best deal so they always buy from you, nobody else.

Price Drop Email Notification TechnologyIf a product is “too expensive” for your visitors they can in1-click subscribe to your site and email list and get notified when the price has dropped by a certain percent or a certain discount they choose automatically.
Plus, if the product was out of stock you can send email alerts when it comes back in stock, too!
This email notification technology can help build your list to remarket to over and over giving users a reason to give you their email.
You can fully customize each email with pro templates and short codes including:

  • Product out of stock
  • Product back in stock
  • Product custom price drop alert created
  • Product added to your wish list
  • Product price dropped

Social Syndication Price Drop TechnologyWith AlterStores, the traffic is built in.
Not only can you autopost to Facebook and Twitter when you import a new product, but in a world’s first, you can autopost to Facebook and Twitter when the price drops for that product or when it’s back in stock and available to buy.

Shop And Import By Realtime DiscountsCheck out if the product you’re importing is currently on sale or discounted.
Plus, allow your visitors can filter products by their maximum price drop or saving, in $ or % amounts creating a great shopping experience.Advanced Customization And ControlIt’s ultra-flexible to help your business stand out and get traffic.
Customize the post title, description and meta-info to make each listing 100% unique and rankable.
Add your own content, reviews, and bonuses to guarantee people seek out your affiliate link to buy from you.

Customer Wishlist CartAllow users to sort by discount or relevance, then create a ‘Wishlist’ account to add products to buy later. 10x your store ROI and earn repeat buyers and visitors with this ground-breaking feature.THAT WAS JUST THE STORE BUILDER PART OF ALTERSTORES…Here Are The Behind-The-Scene Bits Of AlterStoresTHAT WILL  TAKE YOUR STORE TO THE NEXT LEVEL! 

Know Exactly What’s Going To Make MoneySee every keyword that people enter in your store’s search box, showing you exactly what they want to buy and products you should add.

‘Built-In’ Social ProofBoost sales by importing web reviews for any product or allow your visitors to leave their OWN testimonial or comment on your site.

Cutting-Edge SEO Technology

  • Creates traffic—getting stores that are packed with SEO power.
  • Edit tags, title, description, and more to supercharge your rankings.
  • Dominate Google for thousands of low hanging keywords.
  • No more blowing cash on advertising.
  • No more slaving over endless content.

Simple Product OrganizerOrganize your store’s product inventory.

Auto-Price UpdatingUnlike other store builders, always showcase the most up-to-date prices of the products so they accurately reflect the original listing on the network they are being sold.

Backend Store ReportsGet full control over what’s happening inside your store with reporting logs. Keep track of critical data, such as auto price updates, price drops, product imports, and more.

Create Multiple Store LicenseWhy stop with one store? Now you can create an endless stream of money-making stores, pulling in free clicks and passive sales every single day.

AlterStoresAFFILIATE AUTHORITY SYSTEMWe have never released this in public before — and probably never will. This is our PRIVATE playbook for successfully promoting ecommerce products, information products, software products, and more.
This multi-module HD video training program contains our biggest secrets for creating an affiliate business that makes passive income and works long term. It’s packed with the latest tricks, shortcuts, and proven methods that most people will never know about.
Victory is a top 10 best affiliate, so you can only imagine the value you’ll get!
It’s integrated on Teachable.com so it’s easy to track your progress, take notes, and get the most out of the training.I’LL SPILL-THE-BEANS…ON ALL THE SECRETS OF ECOM

What types of ‘niches’ work today and our4-step formula for finding yours and profiting long term

How to stand out from thousands of other affiliates who are promoting the same products as you and other listing sites

How and where to get the ‘traffic’ to your sites, even if your brand new and not an ‘authority’ in your space.

We’re rapidly building an email list of subscribers to profit from long term and you’ll see the fastest methods to build your own

The 5 elements of a successful affiliate promotion (If you forget 1 of these, your campaign probably won’t make money)

The ‘Onion Strategy’ to dominating your space quickly, guaranteeing you get traffic and repeat buyers

The difference between evergreen affiliate campaigns and limited-time ones and how to do both correctly

How to create and use high-value bonuses, even for ecommerce products, to 3x-4x your profit

How to make passive income long-term from all your stores…

The ‘Tim Ferriss’ strategy for creating a product review listing so that it profits passively for multiple years.

Check Out How I Build A Website And Get TrafficIN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES

That’s Absolutely Mind Blowing. Hurry…Choose Your License Now(BEFORE THIS TURNS INTO A MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION MODEL)$29/MonthOne Time Payment

AlterStores Is An Absolute ‘NO-BRAINER’ BUSINESS MODEL

Zero learning curves

Automatically create value-driven stores in seconds and dive right into the money—making action

Unlimited PASSIVE income potential

Create as multiple stores and multiply your income with each one!

No technical skills required

Fully Cloud based, just click and tap your way to profitable stores, in minutes!

No monthly fees or hidden “gotchas”

Get access today for no monthly fees, before we have to raise the price!

No advertising budget required

Everything you need to start getting free traffic is including in-depth affiliate education on Teachable.com

100% success guarantee, or it’s FREE

Start making real money with your first Authority Stores, or you get it free.We Didn’t Reinvent The Wheel– We Just made It Vastly Better

As of today, there’s no software that can build a true authority, traffic-pulling ecom affiliate store. Sure, there are some that pull images, listing descriptions, and can even import products from several affiliate networks at once. 
But there’s nothing that is truly push-button easy and simultaneously gives the potential buyer a REASON to subscribe and seek out your store Vs just going to the original listing on Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, etc. and buying there!
So, we took the previous, most-advanced store builder software and upgraded it to an entirely new ULTRA, AFFILIATE MARKETING WEAPON that comes with in-depth affiliate education, too. Leading Marketers Can’t Stop TalkingABOUT ALTERSTORES

AlterStores certainly takes off the entire complexities of setting up a fully profitable Ecommerce Affiliate Store with all conversion features and elements in it.-Dr. Amit Pareek

Getting to know what your store visitors want to buy so you can make it available is really an inovative feature of AlterStores. And also Creating a Store with each Product Review Video is really Wonderful, I strongly recommend this wonderful new era Ecom Store Builder to Friends and my List.-Mosh Bari

Hey Victory, AlterStores nailed It! Am happy to have a tool that will allow my buyers to compare products from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and BestBuy. “This Is Crazily Brilliant!” Especially with the highly competitive ecom space, getting a truly unique store helps to boost conversions and sales.-Yogesh Agarwal

Finally, a useful software that delivers REAL RESULTS and real value to your affiliate marketing business. I am AMAZED to see the ease at which it delivers High Quality Affiliate Stores. Automated Affiliate Ecom Stores has changed the way we do affiliate marketing business online and AlterStores is the PERFECT tool that will help you get started as an affiliate marketer or Skyrocket your already existing affiliate marketing business!!-Amit GaikwadThe Choice Is Yours

You can walk away now and keep creating thousands of videos and bucket-loads of written content in the form of blogs
…spend countless number of hours researching the market
…throw in every single penny you have in order to build a product from scratchAnd run paid ads to get at least some traffic to your offers and finally see some RoI.
OR…You can simply cut to the chase and start seeing money roll in within the next few minutes. Just create a stunning store (without any technical knowledge or big recurring expenses) 
 loaded with hot selling products (that you didn’t have to create)
– pull in a lot of traffic (without burning a hole in your pocket running paid ads)
– and make MASSIVE sales (all of it without losing an arm and a leg).And Wait…There’s More. 
Let me make this as risk-free as you can hope it to be. I understand you’re going in for AlterStores on my word. So, it’s only fair that the risk is mine and not yours. Keeping that in mind, I am offering…THERE’S NO RISK WITH OUR…30-DAY MONEY BACK DEALI want you to use AlterStores over the NEXT 30 DAYS, and see how quick and easy you can start getting free traffic and making sales…
…building unique, authority sites that offer buyers and visitors an incredible ‘BUYING’ experience with tons of amazing features all under one hood.
And I guarantee, if AlterStores doesn’t help boost your traffic and sales within 30 days or sooner…you won’t pay a single dime.
Instead, we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.
Just go to https://AlterStores.freshdesk.com, open a ticket, say ‘I want a refund‘, and get it processed instantly.
You can only make such a guarantee when you know your product is high quality and actually solves a huge problem or makes money for your customers.
The point is — I know this works and I KNOW it can work for you.

$29One Time Payment

Create 50 Profitable Stores On Free DomainsImport 1000 Products Per SiteAll Features Listed on Page Included$29MonthOne Time Payment

To Your Success,

Victory Akpos After the launch ends, the price will increase significantly, but heck… even at
AlterStores gives you an unfair advantage!
That’s why a lot of top marketers were completely amazed when they saw they price I am offering this to the public…SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

Click belowTo Get Instant Access NowHurry Up! Grab Your Copy Now…


Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What All Am I Getting Today?
If you buy the AlterStores Pro License, you’ll get everything mentioned here above on the page including the software, right to use it on 50 domains, and the Affiliate Authority training course. If you decided for the ‘Lite’ license, you only get the software (no Affiliate Authority Training) and restriction to use it on only 1 site you own…with limited features.Q: Is There Support and Training?
Yes, in addition to the entire Affiliate Authority course you’re getting detailed tutorials on how to setup and use AlterStores + support if you run into any issues. This is a no monthly fee license currently, so you get access to this version of AlterStores at no monthly recurring fee.Q: I still have a doubt/question that has not been answered on this page. What do I do?
Please feel free to contact us on our Support Desk (https://yourhelpcenter1.freshdesk.com/support/home) and we’d be happy to assist you.Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.Copyright 2019 Alterstores™. All rights reserved.

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WP Optin Boxes Review – Add Unlimited Email Capture Boxes to Your Website

You already know by now that email marketing is the most efficient way in boosting your sales. So, your top priority is to build your email lists and collect more leads. It is the most effective strategy gaining profits in a passive way.

If you are not doing this, you’re losing a lot of money. But it is never too late. What I’m about to show you will help you get started.

Introducing WP Optin Boxes!

This software will help you collect unlimited leads from your WordPress sites. And what’s good with this is you can get started in just 1 minute- no manual work at all. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!



  1. Create Multiple Conversion Boxes
    Don’t stick to one optin box or popup throughout your blog. Create multiple conversion boxes for different pages, posts and categories.
  1. 30+ Conversion Optimized Templates

Just select and plug-in one of our box templates from the huge collection of 60+ professionally created high converting templates and see your conversions skyrocket on auto-pilot.

  1. Attention Grabbing Box Settings

Grab user’s attention with just a few clicks of a button by enabling attention grabbing setting provided with the plugin. (Only two : Box Flash + Make Sticky)

  1. Import/Export Boxes

Export and import your boxes from one WordPress site to another with just one click of a button.

  1. 30+ Fonts

Choose from 30+ font families to create highly customized headings, content and buttons

  1. Easy To Manage Dashboard

Get all the important information at one place – list of boxes, statistics and all the important box related options.

  1. Multiple Boxes on Single Page

Place more than one optin box on a single page and track them all at once.

  1. . 8 Box Types – Create 8 different types of boxes

2-step optin, exit popups, timed popups. scroll popups, email optin boxes, video email optin boxes, call to action boxes and video call to action boxes. All this in one single plugin.

  1. Total Control Over Box Design

Modify the design of your boxes to match your blog / landing page design with simple clicks of your mouse. No need to touch the code ever.

  1. Box Placement

Place your boxes everywhere – under individual posts, pages and custom post types or almost anywhere on your blog using a shortcode!

  1. Powerful Conversion Tracking

With the powerful inbuilt conversion tracking system track every important aspect of your boxes – track how many people visited the page having your optin box, the number of people who actually saw the box and the number of people who opted in (top 10 pages/no graphs)

  1. Custom Box Styling

With the Custom CSS functionality you can add custom CSS to your conversion boxes. So you have total styling control on every single element of your box!

  1. Priority support

Need Help? – We provide 24/7 priority support for all our customer on top of our video training. Just ask your questions by creating a support ticket for personalized help.

Download WP Optin Boxes now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy. You don’t need technical skills. Here let me show you:

Good Points

  1. Newbie friendly
  2.  Has unique and beautiful optin boxes
  3. Comes with amazing bonuses
  4. Responsive Technical Support


Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection
  2. Need to contact support if there is any drawback


Don’t lose money anymore. Start building you email lists and collecting more leads. Get your copy of  WP Optin Boxes Here!

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