Lies That Spoil Your Diet

Here are eight common self-lies that will wreck any diet:

1. I eat healthy all week so I can splurge on weekends.
Your body is a biochemistry lab – not a bank account, says Virgin. You can’t save calories and spend them elsewhere. You need the proper fat-burning resources day in and day out.

2. I have a slow metabolism.
Slow metabolisms are not born – they are created. Eating high-sugar keeps your fat-storing hormones elevated, resulting in a slow metabolism. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods, and getting enough sleep. Also, have your doctor check your thyroid for any imbalance.

3. I fast intermittently so I can eat whatever I want during “feeding” times.
Fast diets are trendy, but alternating binging and fasting can create food intolerances and cause blood-sugar levels to skyrocket. Fasting does not give you license to pig out.

4. I’ll skip breakfast to save calories.
It doesn’t work. You’ll end up eating more calories than if you ate breakfast. You’re going to crave those doughnuts a co-worker brings in. Try a protein shake with greens for a fat-burning breakfast that keeps you full for hours, suggests Virgin.

5. A couple of bites won’t ruin my diet.
A couple of bites often lead to many more as we stand in front of the freezer, Ben and Jerry’s in hand. You’re treading a slippery slope.
6. I I can eat more because I exercise.
Unless you’re training for a marathon, exercise will make you healthier, but it likely won’t offset extra food. Concentrate on the other health benefits of exercise and stick to a sensible eating plan.

7. I take supplements so I can eat some junk food.
Nutritional supplements can make you healthier, but they do not replace nutrient-rich whole foods or mitigate the damage that processed foods can create in the body, Virgin says.

8. I’ll start… tomorrow.
Procrastination will get you nowhere. Start eating healthy today. Take your diet plan one day at a time.

taken from Lynn Allison article.

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