How to create your own web page using google sites

You do not have a blog or a site..Do not worry you can have a simple promotional web page for free from


1- Go to the link above:

2- Click on “Create” New sites

3- Choose a title to your site /page :

4- if you want to change the background image click on “change image” and if you the title to be clickable just select it and click on the link icon  and add your link (the site you promote url)

5- to write anything down add a text box from the menu on the top right. you can also upload a file (image/video etc) from the same menu or if you want to add a youtube video click on from that same menu . In fact you get all the needed commands there.

6- Finally you write a call for action words  ex: “please click here” “join here” or anything you like and to make it clickable just select it and click the link icon.

7- Now to get your link publish the page using the blue PUBLISH buttom at the top. You will be given a nice link from google . use it to promote your product.

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