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Become a ClickBank affiliate?


It is very easy to become an affiliate with clickbank and make good money . You will find below the steps to follow to start becoming clickbank affiliate
You have to go through 4 basic steps to become an affiliate . It is a very lucrative business but it needs a lot of work and patience to be successful

Step 1: Choose your niche:
You choose your Niche or the field that covers your subject of search. There a plenty of Niches that are very popular nowadays . Niches like Health and Fitness , sports , obesity, e-commerce, Internet marketing and so many others.
However to choose your niche you need to go through steps as well , you have to spend sometime on this in order to choose what is good for you and your business :
For this You have to answer three specific questions
1- What is your field of interest?
Think of what you are interested in . Think in term of hobby ,passion ,trend etc Once you get your niche and if you still feel it is too general niche it down( look at subcategories in the same niche . For example if your niche is sports a sub-niche can be football or basketball or cricket etc. You can make your own research through the net to get better ideas about this. Remember it should be something you are going to know a lot about and become a sort of specialist in it . You will acquire an authority on the niche and people will come to you for that reason


2- Are there products for sale in it?

The second thing is to make a small research to know if there are products about your niche sold and promoted in the internet. The more people promoting your niche the better .That shows how popular it is and thus how great the demand on it is.

3- Do people like it and pay for it?

The last step here is know if people are buying these products .Look for any advertisement dealing with selling these products and which product is offered more than any other product etc. Go through ads of selling and buying on magazines , on ad sites etc and check it.

Step2: Build your advertising platform

Why do I need one?
Well it is for three simple reasons at least:
1- To control your brand .It is here within your own control and you can handle it the way you like.
2- To build trust with customers as it is a sort of address for them .They know where you are and how to come to you.
3- It is a great path to success .as this platform will also serve for all your future promotions.

What is that platform ? It is a sort of address or a “home base” for you as a product and your customers.

What does this platform consist of?
It involves different parts that include social media sites ,forums web hosting and domain providers.
Social media like facebook ,twitter ,linkedin etc and the web hosting provider like WordPress and it is recommended here as it is very easy to install and very well accepted buy google .


Now let’s do this step by step:

1- Choose your brand either it is for personal use or as a business.
2- Acquire a domain .You can do this from providers like GoDaddy or NameCheap these two are the cheapest and they have good service. For your hosting you can choose Hostgator,com or Bluehost .


It is much better if your domain ends with “.com “ .Make it related to your niche and as short as possible.
3- Create your blog using wordpress it is miuch practical and very easy to manupilate ,choose the theme you like .A lot are free and come with your wordpress installation.
4- Get an autoresponder membership. You can choose anyone you like Aweber , Getresponse and so many others .

Content of your blog:

This is a very important stage and on it will be based a lot of your success. You need to be a real authority in your niche therefore you have to put good content related to that niche in your blog . Content of real value that would please your audience and let them come again and again to your blog.

This would lead us to ask the major question:
Who my audience will be?
Make a little research on the subject based on the following questions:
– Who is your ideal reader or visitor?
– Get a description of them( origin , language , formal or informal, age range, social background etc).
– What products may interest them.
– All questions that might direct you to choose the appropriate content.

Why would people come to my blog?
To answer this question you also have to carry out a research.

Build A sound foundation:
Your content should have a real value:
It should be:
– Honest.
– Valuable.
– Multiformat and multilingual.
– As short as possible.

Be specific:
Your content should reflect professionalism.
Give care to appearance in term of pictures and graphics. Have a logo for your blog .


– Build trust
– Reputation
– Your own audience

How to add value to your content?

You can do a lot of things to get content:

– Join forums.
– Get active in social media groups (FB groups or twitter or Linkedin etc..)
– Get posts on blogs in your niche.
– Link out to other resources.
– Attend conferences.

Get in contact with your list.
Remember you established a list with your autoresponder try to be in touch with them.
Share info with them and use questions and surveys to connect with them.

STEP 3: Promotion.

Choose your product to promote:
Have your criteria:
– Promote what you believe in.
– Make a research on the product before promoting it.
– If necessary buy it and try it.
– Make reviews and read reviews on the product.
– Always think of coming back audience.

How to promote:
You can use any of the following means or all of them :
1- Banners.
On your blog or on paid sites with your link.


2- Promotion to your list or on social media sites.
3- Reviews.
4- Bonuses
5- In-content referrals.
6- Recommend pages.


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